Welcome to Texas Peeves, a place to read, ponder, educated, become educated and discuss a range of topics from your pet peeves to your ethereal thoughts and everything in-between.

This blog is a living record of my and the participating community’s opinions. As such I expect it to evolve, grow and mature in numerous ways. I assume the tenor of tomorrow’s modern political discourse will shape Texas Peeves.

Initially Texas Peeves will concentrate on a few broad areas:

  1. Peeves – how could we not start with what annoys us?
  2. Esoterica – there are just things out there that don’t fit nicely into one easily definable topic heading.
  3. Community & Service Related – I have been and will continue to attempt to give back. Those that have heard me present over the years have heard me speak of insights great and small I gained from others that truly helped me and my family. Regardless of political correctness, I learned a long time ago that without the assistance of others our society and those less fortunate would not be where it/they are today.
  4. Outside Interests & Hobbies: photography, camping, music, literature, art and shadow the “I wonder dog” It’s what I do when not “on the clock”.
  5. Appeasements – Those that know me know that while I am not politically correct, it is not and has never been my intention to insult or be an affront to others. Unfortunately, from time to time it happens. Here is where I can attempt to make amends.
  6. Ethereal Thoughts – There are things that are just bigger than ourselves and our everyday lives and issues that are worthy of discussing.

At the start postings will be mine. In many instances I may have had input from others ranging from friends, family, business associates and commentary from a range of press and periodicals I read regularly.  Whenever possible, I will attempt to credit those key sources.

You will find that my writing style is somewhat long. What I assume is a mild case of ADHD that can be both a blessing and curse. Combined with being neither right-brain nor left-brain dominant: I’m one of those people that are “middle-brain” oriented and have the ability to take strong qualities from both hemispheres of the brain. I benefit from the left side’s logic as well as the right’s intuition.

Put differently, I can be verbal, detail-oriented, logical and forward-looking – mechanistic one moment and spatial, intuitive, thought provoking intuitive, almost emotional and spontaneous – almost introverted the next.  Does this make you think of the movie, “Being John Malkovich”?

Jumping back to style, I enjoy taking the contrarian view if for no other reason than to get everyone thinking. It’s almost like verbal sparring. Please do not be offended. In many instances these positions are not what I ascribe to. They are merely a means to generate discussion.

I encourage you to comment. Don’t be shy. That said, please try not offend or direct your comments at others. We can agree, disagree vehemently without creating a personal affront.

Lastly, give me your feedback. What’s on your mind? What’s your peeve?