About A. David Boomstein

David, a Texan by choice, has lived in New York, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Huntsville, AL where he was contractor for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. When he says, “It’s not rocket science”, it is from first-hand knowledge.  David is known as a versatile and seasoned marketing professional with broad experience in the private industry, government contracting, non-profit and international business sectors.

His groundbreaking development and implementation work in the telecommunications and teleconferencing industries won him numerous awards and positioned him as a visionary in the interactive communications and electronic media fields in the early to mid-80’s.

David has extensive experience in hardware and software product and service development, business development, marketplace analysis, funds raising, mergers and acquisitions, IPO activities and contract negotiations. David’s broad background has given him the opportunity to create truly innovative products, services and programs for his clients.

During the meteoric rise period of venture-backed high tech companies early in the dot-com bubble, he used his marketing expertise as a consultant to numerous start-ups, early stage companies and start-overs. His work as a trusted advisor helped entrepreneurs develop their business plans and raise initial funding. He participated in one IPO; that company is still in operation today.

David’s first-hand experience with the handicapped and special needs families gives him a unique insight into family needs and resource planning for the special needs family.  He spent the past eight years working in the life planning, financial and insurance industries. His focus has been on developing programs geared towards assisting families with special needs individuals.  David was the first professional in the region to receive the SpecialCareSM Planner designation through The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

David’s goal is to couple his personal experiences along with his professional expertise to work with families “just like mine” and hopefully be a trusted advisor, resource and friend that can guide them through their difficult journey.

In support of his goal, David works closely in support of multiple organizations around north Texas.  He was a founding member and secretary of the Autism Society of Dallas and continues to work with numerous other organizations supporting disabled individuals, and has given workshops and provided in-teacher training to numerous school districts, Hospitals and non-profit organizations.

David is recognized as one of the few specialists that truly understands the inner workings of the Federal and State Government Services (Social Security/ Supplemental Security Income – Medicare/Medicaid, etc.) field.  David has used this knowledge to developed first-of-a kind programs for the special needs population, their families and caregivers. He currently is the Co-Lead of the Brandraising Team for Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH), http://www.txcpsh.org .

David is an ardent supporter of both the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America: his daughter Beth received her Gold Award and his son Jeff is an Eagle Scout.

David loves the outdoors and camping with his wife, Janice and the kids when time and schedules allow. He is an enthusiastic scenic photographer and can often be seen with his lab, Shadow, the “I wonder dog”.

Deep Background:

During his career, he has written and co-authored chapters for three different books on the topics of telecommunications and interpersonal communications. He authored a monthly editorial column in an industry tabloid as well as wrote feature articles in a glossy bimonthly telecom industry magazine.

A client sponsored industry overview analysis on wireless applications and video communications that included a multi-client study was translated into Italian and published as part of a private conference run by the Italian phone company in Venice, Italy.

David has been a frequent speaker and facilitator at industry trade shows, seminars and chaired panel discussions to audiences of 2,000+ attendees.

He has been awarded numerous industry awards including Greatest Overall Industry Contribution for product design and innovation for his video teleconferencing implementations, outstanding achievement and special recognition awards from TeleConference Magazine and the International Teleconferencing Association.

David was the founding president of the International Teleconferencing Association (ITCA), the official trade association of the teleconferencing industry and was assistant to the Executive Director of the US Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

David received a Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree from the New York Institute of Technology. David has been security and insurance licensed and has had clients in multiple states.


2 thoughts on “About A. David Boomstein”

  1. Hi David

    Great credentials. You are one interesting character.

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